Charlie Sheen Versus The Cult of Cowardice

Jurriaan Maessen
September 17, 2009

They say cowardice is infectious; but then, on the other hand, argument is a great emboldener.”

From Robert Louis Stevenson’s Treasure Island

Transfixed as they are on complying with the instructions dripping down from headquarters, the talking heads yapping away on the TV screen resort to increasingly nonsensical statements. We have grown accustomed to the fact that the mainstream media parrots the talking points provided to them by their corporate masters. This time it is obvious the pundits have neatly formed ranks, for the law of probabilities forbids such a unified response, almost identical in all its facets.

Handed to them on a piece of paper or not, many pundits no longer require their master’s say-so. They have long since surrendered their instinct of their own accord. Years of systematic propaganda are paying off more than even their masters have foreseen. When direct orders are no longer necessary in order for the lackeys to fall in line, you know you are in a world of trouble. Besides, history teaches us that when blind compliance becomes a Pavlovian response, the tyrant laughs in his fist with glee.

Meanwhile these mostly male versions of the Stepford Wives chatter on indefinitely about non-issues and trivialities, using every trick in the book to lie, cheat and deceive. In what kind of factory, one wonders, was this breed of machine assembled?

The overall response to Charlie Sheen’s “20 minutes with the President” carries a remarkably similar tune. Obviously reading off a prewritten script, the bulk of talking heads introduce the subject (if it even does) with character assassination on the person of Charlie Sheen while completely neglecting the questions raised in the fictional dialogue. As vehemently as the media miscreants attempt to attack the person, as careful they are to avoid the substance. This, in itself, is suspect. After all, they are being offered no less than 20 questions from which to choose- even if only to rebuke the implications of Sheen 20-point manifest. They have abandoned instead even the appearance of a substance-based news item. They would rather adopt the ways of the sniffing paparazzi, endlessly focussing on trifles, revealing in the process an extremely low regard for the audiences they profess to serve.

In the rare event of actual reporting on the questions raised by Sheen, they move to simplify them beyond recognition: “Sheen claims Bush blew up the towers” and other straw men arguments. These tactics from the gutter- combined with refined media methodology- are designed to perpetuate the entrancing of the sleeping giant. It becomes disturbingly difficult to catch one of these automatons in the act of actual reporting. Not even a faint light we discern between the thick walls of deceit intended to encapsulate the masses. Critical and independent thinking has obviously been thoroughly drilled out of the pundits, leaving behind nothing but a fanatic and anticipating willingness to deceive their audience. They concern themselves rather with adding licks of saliva to their carefully arranged hair dues as well as their arguments.

DailyRecord editor Fred Snowflack used the emotion-card to strangle dissent in his trash piece: “Conspiracy theorists insult the victims”: ‘(…) There is something incredibly distasteful about spreading fiction about Sept. 11. Cynicism about government, and its motives, is one thing. Suggesting that the 3,000 or so people killed on one of the darkest days in American history were somehow killed by their own government is an insult to their memory and an affront to their survivors.’ One of the comments on this vile little trifle points out the obvious: ‘The editor must be unaware of the fact that 170 million people in the 20th century were murdered by their own government’. But never mind the facts.

Fox-rodent Greg Gutfeld screamed on September 14th: ‘Damn, I wish the government would silence him or at least get him a haircut better suited for a middle-aged man.’

As we monitor the mainstream media, the feeling creeps up on us that we exist alongside the living dead. Were they always this way? What spell was put upon them, and by the hand of which sorcerer were they bewitched?

One takes the top-names of the media conglomerates and compares them to the Bilderberg guest list to know who the sorcerers are. As hard as it is to imagine, many of the most talented propagandists feigning outrage over Charlie Sheen’s questions, once used their gift in the pursuit of truth. Even a shameless charlatan like Bill O’Reilly practised true investigative journalism in the past, if you can believe it. The pit of hell, it seems, is filled with fallen angels. At some point in the course of their careers they have obviously been presented with a choice, either to say farewell to a promising career in entertainment, or to subscribe to the lie to further their career. You can rest assure that most of the talking heads you see railing against freedom, are the same who operate strictly within the well-defined parameters of tyranny set up by their corporate masters. They may be considered beyond repentance, deep as they have dug themselves in treachery, attempting to lure their audience in the same paradigm-prison they themselves are trapped in.

We are dealing with nothing less than a cult, celebrating cowardice while using the constitution for toilet paper. Riddled with its own rituals and progressions, this cult makes use of similar nods, hand signals and secret passwords associated with secret societies. Working tirelessly to bamboozle their underlings, as cults do, the mainstream media has shown its true colours by the unity of their (under)reporting and the lack of any investigative journalism.

The good news is that a growing number of people are no longer simply consuming the readymade food rations of propaganda. The large corporate outlets are seeing their numbers drop, although they continue to project a false image of infallibility. But it no longer holds up in court. The dam erected to shield the people from the truth is showing definite signs of cracks and is ready to break.


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