Wanted: Bohemian Grove Infiltrators

Jurriaan Maessen
June 21, 2009

According to the Press Democrat online newspaper, there are still vacancies for those seeking a job at the upcoming Bohemian Grove to be held this summer in Sonoma County, California. So, if you live somewhere in the vicinity and are in need of a quick buck, don’t hesitate to apply for one of the many available jobs at the Grove this holiday season.

As the annual tradition prescribes, the new world order’s Anglo-establishment division will gather around its favourite deity from July 9 to July 26 under the many red grove trees in the area. There, in the seclusion of deep woodland shade, the orders dripping down from the latest Bilderberg meeting will be worked out by the participants in more detail on how to further bankrupt the country and trade in God-given freedoms for their desired world dictatorship; and all of this in a relaxing atmosphere full of music, seminars and the occasional cremation of care.

If you are under the age of 23 and in the possession of some inconspicuous recording equipment, it’s definitely the job for you. The article mentions several tasks you may be assigned to at the Grove, such as valet parking, baggage handling, and waiting on transnationalists in the main dining area. So, time to hurry and see if there are still jobs available at the most bizarre of elite gatherings and- again- don’t forget to bring a camera or other recording device (preferably small sized and camouflaged beyond recognition).

Jennifer Robertson, the Bohemian Club’s human resources director, states that the starting wage is about $10 an hour. Not very much, considering you will be paid in devalued fiat money, but still, not bad if you take into account the possibility of recording some interesting stuff for posterity.

If you apply for the job at the exclusive encampment though, it is recommended you act soon. The number of applications this year has already exceeded that of the previous years. According to Karen Fies, director of the Sonoma County’s Workforce Investment Board ‘it’s definitely tough, but there still are jobs out there.’ That means one has to apply in a hurry to still get a shot at employment at the Grove this summer. But according to the human resource director of the Bohemian Grove, ‘The majority of the people we interview we end up hiring.’ This is a good thing to be sure. It allows for a lover of truth to infiltrate the elite confab with a relatively simple audiovisual device. Besides it’s not without historical precedent.

It’s not the first time an employee blew the whistle on the strange dealings of the power elite inside Bohemian Grove. Five years after Jones’ successful infiltration of the Grove in the year 2000, a former employee named “Kyle” shot over five hours of video with a pen camera. He, like Alex Jones, was able to smuggle it out of the encampment for all with eyes to see.

But his infiltration was not easily accomplished. While “Kyle” was working in the area, he was approached many times by older Grove participants who wanted to know if he ‘slept around’. Let this be a word of warning to those who are considering signing up for employment at the Grove for infiltration purposes. You may put yourself in a position where you’ll be fighting off elderly globalists begging for certain favours. It has been widely reported that the club members regularly fly in male and female prostitutes to prey upon in between seminars.

However, if just one infiltrator makes it through the selection process successfully, it will be most interesting to see how much information can be gathered on the comings and goings of the elite members laughing in their fist as they implode the economy by design. Let us see how they like it when the cameras will be directed at them instead of us for a change. And better still: you will enter the premises on what David Gergen called ‘an understanding’. It will be a great example of a grassroots intelligence operation anyway, for once not in the service of the new world order, but in that of the people, refusing to submit to its top down tyranny.


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