UN Guidelines: Recruiting Religious Leaders as “Agents of Change” for One World Religion

Jurriaan Maessen
May 23, 2012

In its 2009 Guideluines for Engaging Faith-based Organizations (FBO’s) As Agents of Change, the UNFPA put out specific tricks to reach congregations unwilling to go along with the UN’s population control programs:

“UNFPA has found that leaders of faith ‐ and interfaith ‐ based organizations are open to discussing reproductive health, if issues are addressed with care and sensitivity.”

These “agents of change” should also be recruited to protect and promote the overall agenda “through countering misinformation campaigns and building social support within the governments for the ICPD (International Conference on Population and Development).”

The ultimate goal of these engagement efforts is clearly described:

“Create a conducive socio‐cultural environment (impacting on behaviour, attitudes and practices) to ultimately promote and mobilize key communities towards achieving the goals of the ICPD PoA (International Conference on Population and Development Programme of Action) and the MDGs (Millennium Development Goals).”

In the 2003 World Bank publication Faith in Conservation: New Approaches to Religions and the Environment, the reason for this broad set-up is explained in more detail:

“We see, do, and are what we think, and what we think is shaped by our cultures, faiths, and beliefs. This is why one of the more extraordinary movements of the past few decades began to take shape. For if the information of the environmentalists needed a framework of values and beliefs to make it useful, then where better to turn for allies than to the original multinationals, the largest international groupings and networks of people? Why not turn to the major religions of the world?”

It was Prince Philip (yes, the same prince who proclaimed he would like to see himself reincarnated as a killer virus in order to snuff out the lion share of humans if he could) who in 1995 launched “The Alliance of Religions and Conservation”. We may not be surprised at the fact that we find yet another branch of the Saxe-Coburg-Gotha clan at the forefront of promoting the infiltration of the world’s religions. To illustrate exactly how widespread this move toward a global unified religion is, the announcement goes on:

“The National Religious Partnership on the Environment is an alliance of the US Catholic Conference, Coalition on Environment and Jewish Life, National Council of Churches, and the Evangelical Environmental Network that serves more than 100 million Americans.”

This official launch was preceded by the emergence of “Interfaith Partnership for the Environment”, which was founded in the mid 1980s in order to, as the UNEP website teaches, “… inform North American congregations about the serious environmental problems facing life on earth.”

We should here insert the observation that, yes, there is something detrimental facing all life on our planet and it isn’t carbon oxide. It is called the scientific dictatorship, which has already infiltrated almost all forms of human organization, including political, cultural, economic and religious organizations.

The “Earth Charter” is another example. An initiative by Steven Rockefeller (a fourth-generation member of the family) as well as man-hater Maurice Strong, the Charter outlines somewhat of an earth worship cult- for the brain-dead observer in order to attain world peace, but when you take a closer look you’ll find traces of eugenics all over the place. Here’s a man so keen on promoting the religion of death (which lies at the very core of this proposed world religion) that he couldn’t help himself on several occasions shooting his mouth off about the true objectives that are enshrined within its pillars:

The other tentacle of this global system of control calls itself the World Bank and also joins in on the effort. UNEP explains:

“In Mongolia, for example, the World Bank and other international organizations are sponsoring a project to translate and publish Buddhist sutras about sacred mountains into modern Mongolian. The plan is to use the texts to reconsecrate the mountains and thus remind the local people of their traditional responsibilities not to log or hunt in certain areas.”

Klaus Töpfer, Executive Director of UNEP, has went around on many occasions, spreading this religion of death.

On one such occasion the Executive Director called for the creation of a new global religion:

“We have to develop the ecological, holistic wold view which connects us with the rest of Nature both materially and spiritually. Religious traditions emphasize this connection. Our task should be to retrieve these basic symbols and doctrines within each tradition and translate them into clear prescription for public policy and behavior.”

In an address to the World Council of Churches, Töpfer first quotes the Bible:

“Be fruitful, and multiply, and replenish the earth, and subdue it: and have domination over the fish of the sea, and over the fowl of the air, and over every living thing that moveth upon the earth…”.

Then Töpfer adds:

“Did God intend that we would multiply at the rate of nearly 80 million additional people a year, and be rapidly approaching a global population of ten billion in the next century….”

Spoken like a true eugenicist. The United Nations Population Fund (UNFPA), as the enforcement arm of the overall infrastructure, joined with their brother- and sister-agencies in the UN to encircle the world’s religions reminiscent of a pack of hungry wolves:

“Since 2002, UNFPA has emphasized the integration of culturally sensitive approaches into programming efforts. Toward this end, it has worked closely within communities and with local agents of change, including religious leaders.”

There’s something to remember when you see preachers on television or radio, emphasizing the need for smaller families and birth control. Big chance you’re dealing with yet another “agent of change” employed by the UN to gently lead you into the its desired death cult.


10 responses to “UN Guidelines: Recruiting Religious Leaders as “Agents of Change” for One World Religion

  1. Arthur Curley

    “resurrection” literally means “to stand up” Jesus said to the dying Jewish criminal next to him “you will be with me in Paradise” and Jews before Jesus lived, suffered, died and the first person to ascend to Heaven, had no concept of going to Heaven. So he believed he would be resurrected here on Earth when Jesus future 1,ooo year reign over the Earth and transform it into a Paradise according to his original purpose stated in the Bible book of Genesis. For more information please visit:

  2. The only way there will be a “one world religion” is when Jehovah God steps in and establishes his government, with Jesus as his king.

  3. When we win against these forces it will be because our own globalism has prevailed. The darkness cannot stand against even the littlest light.
    Some of us are aware of a way to change the paradigm completely:
    r emmet lee

  4. Sorry, the URL in my prior comment was supposed to be “”. — the Postman (

  5. Thanks to the author for such a great article! You can see the beginnings of all of this taking place around the middle of the last century. For example, see and follow the links. Re. eugenics, everyone needs to understand that the eugenics movement (see eugenics “congresses” in 1912, 1914, 1915, 1921, 1928 and 1932) was really a hidden Malthusian agenda cloaked in a more palatable form so that it could be popularized (it was also organized like a “shell” organization, thus allowing outer “shell” supporters to do all the “legwork” of popularizing eugenics without their ever really realizing what they were helping to sell to the outside public–a Malthusian agenda). Likewise re. the early conservation movement, from which the eugenics movement was born (conservationists were typically strong supporters of eugenics and quite often were even AES members). Of course, the modern environmental movement has its roots in the earlier conservation movement, so what does this all say about modern environmental doctrine such as “global warming” and overpopulation? Is it any real wonder that the American Historical Association–keeper/controller of all American historical knowlege–was founded in 1884 by members of a death cult popularly known as “Skull & Bones”? Aint real history great? — the Postman (

  6. Man has no control over one’s religion or beliefs- the spirit is free.

  7. The NWO must have a very strange interpretation of the word eugenics, I think completely twisting it into a complete reverse of it’s intended meaning, since degradation and destruction of all genomes besides that of the ‘chosen’ is occurring.

    One can see by the complete destruction of the world’s ecosystems that the preservation of the world for a successor people is most certainly not intended.

    Rather, I think the NWO has gone completely insane and is some kind of Armageddon cult hoping for a New Jerusalem to come floating down out of the sky to rescue only the chosen people, who will dwell far beyond anything that might remain of this dimension.

    The Judaic people are making very sinister moves, with their Noahide laws, enabling the execution by guillotine of all Christians and other non-Jews, made full law in the US in 1991, but this law is not yet active until the constitution is suspended due to state of emergency and FEMA camps start to operate with their crematoria and giant chimneys all over America.

    The destruction of all wildlife too is Biblical in it’s scope and scale, like some huge burnt offering blood sacrifice to Yahweh, the true ‘God’ of the NWO, as if to free up a gigantic wave of life force energy for some occult purpose, at the same time, ‘cleansing’ the planet in some ritual fashion to demonstrate a willingness to know no others than their own kind within their own God, the God of their own manufacture, that for which the life force is required.

    If this were not so, why on earth would they continue to wreck and poison the planet for all time? It would be no good at all for any species at all to dwell on after what they are now doing to it, unless they think the earth is capable of repairing itself, though this is plainly not the intention of those who really control the NWO as they increase frequency and power of waves of destruction to a point of frenzy all over the world, like a demented Bacchanalian orgy in revolt against the true God, who is certainly not Yahweh, the Judaic pseudo-God being merely an elemental creation of dark occult work by corrupt souls who have chosen to secede from the genuine spiritual collective within the true communal Higher Self and Supreme Lord.

    Please see my essay ‘Eugenics and The Notion of Good Jews’ at ‘Mothman777’s Blog’

  8. Chuck Smith – Calvary Chapel Costa Mesa, “children are a liability” and we have “too many people”

  9. You *completely* miss the point.

    Were it not for the Satanic doctrines of the monotheistic religious ‘authorities’ in the first place–specifically, the doctrine of an after-death metaphysical existence of rewards and punishments–this ‘civlization’ would NOT be in the sorry state that it is.

    Rather than nonsensical, metaphysical philosophy, Isaiah, Daniel, Jesus and Mohammed taught the Doctrine of “resurrection” as a Doctrine of ‘Rebirth’…

    Which, necessarily, means that this world must be managed with care, and with an eye toward the long-term future, because this will be your home when you are ‘raised from the dead’ over numerous lives in the future.

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