Signing Off Bilderberg With a Dose of Alan Watt Anti-Venom

Jurriaan Maessen
June 3, 2012

There are three kinds of people in the world: those who are stuck onto the web of propaganda, helplessly watching a spider skulking toward them with glowing eyes; and those who have at last freed themselves from it, never to look back. And then there is a third, infinitely more rare type, who has also managed to cut himself loose from the web but makes a great u-turn towards the unhappy in an attempt at cutting through the matrix, de-program the indoctrinated and liberate the imprisoned from their paralysing confinement. After all, the web that is spun around us is so elaborate in its design that one needs all the help available to struggle free from it. Because of the many complex patterns woven into it, it’s easy to miss the gaping holes, promising a badly needed breath of fresh air. Researcher and radio talk show host Alan Watt is one of the few people today, who with great knowledge and discernment is able to identify the different types of arachnids responsible for the weaving of this web, and points you toward the holes through which you can escape. And as he often points out, this spider-class consists of some horrifying specimens that will freeze your blood in a minute.

But, to a large extend the spider owes his fear-inducing powers to the dark in which it lies hidden. Once driven from its lair into the full light of day, the spider scurries to safety and the fearful will realise they have allowed themselves to be afraid of a tiny little spider, curled up in a corner. As many have already figured out, listening to Alan Watt is like putting on night vision in pitch-black surroundings. In the course of a decade, Watt has exposed the scientific elite’s psychological operations in clear detail. With his distinct understating voice (contrasting somewhat with the provided information, and making the dark implications somewhat bearable) he explains how the writings from top-globalists translate into events unfolding on a day to day basis. In his own words:

“I wish to show the techniques of culture-creation, manipulation and how the sciences of human understanding have been in use for a very long time, guiding each generation along a pre-determined path laid out by a global elite and produced into existence by their institutions of well-paid experts.’

If one is to transcend daily events, just take a dose of Alan Watt anti-venom once in a while in order to see the world more clearly. If a policy report is released by some new world order group of “experts”, trust Alan Watt to decode it for you, like a father helping you figure out a puzzle you’ve been struggling with. And it is not as if the man with the Scottish accent has some magical device in his back pocket with which to dissect the inner workings of the new world order. ‘To see the near future does not require a crystal ball or occult paraphernalia.’- it reads on Watt’s second largest website What is required however is extensive knowledge on the ancient genealogy of the elite, the minutes of their backroom conversations, and the open statements made by the scientific powerbrokers, throwing their plans in your face. With the help of the box of tools provided by Alan Watt, one is able to untie the knots that have kept you fixed into this one spot for so long.

One of the mechanisms through which the elite attempt (and too often succeed) to entrance their underlings (us), is by the science of predictive programming. A concept worked out by Watt in great detail, explaining how the scientific elite are in the habit of announcing future actions through works of fiction distributed by the mass media. Predictive programming serves to desensitize the target audience to the possibility of an event while the responsible programmers remain loyal to their age-old law of announcing a crime, in roughly the same manner as a ‘terrorist’ announces beforehand which building he will blow up. One guarantee: if nothing else, you’ll never watch TV with the same eyes again- or better still: you’ll never watch TV period.

Alan Watt takes his listening audience for a dive inside the murky waters of history, clearing the waters somewhat so we can see what stirs beneath the surface. And it is not pretty, this sublevel place he brings you to. Explaining that the same hands responsible for setting up the United Nations and other transnational bodies, are now directing the course of events in the 21st century, is essential for understanding the state we currently find ourselves in. The same families that have for centuries invested all of their resources in culture-creation and death, funded the Nazi and Soviet-dragons, and predestined them to be then neatly slain by the preferred victors. For those who take their first toe dip in this water, this point is easily misunderstood, as they have been programmed to mistake historic propaganda for historic truth. It is one thing to establish this as fact, quite another to de-program people so that the truth, instead of the lie, gets a chance to escalate for a change.

Offering red pills like they are going out of style- that’s the business Alan Watt is in. And everyone that has swallowed his sobering medicine is a potential service-hatch, passing more of them on to family, friends and others. Watt is a prime example of what one man can do to make a difference in regards to waking people up. And, as both of them exhaustively point out, everyone possesses the potential of doing the same. As long as people allow themselves to acquire knowledge, instead of being swept away by daily events- clueless- everything is possible. To quote Alan from his December 3, 2008 show:

‘I try and cut through the disinformation that’s put out there deliberately, well funded, that puts you into loops, kind of time loops. I give you short cuts to the big reality which is outside the matrix, the guys that are controlling all of this… this fake reality they’ve given us.’


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