American Undergraduates Recruited For Population Control Agenda As UN Raises The Stakes

Jurriaan Maessen
October 8, 2012

Neo-eugenicist John Seager to undergraduates: “you’re the ones who are going to be able to move this forward and complete what I see as one of the great social movements of our time.”

In a recent biennial report released last week by the United Nations Population Fund (UNFPA) the projection for global population growth in 2050 has been raised with an additional 117 million people on top of the earlier projection of 8 billion people. As the UN keeps up the pressure an effort is underway to flood universities and colleges throughout the United States with population control propaganda. One of the people doing the rounds across academic America is former EPA chief John Seager, who now heads up an organization called “Population Connection”, dedicated to the selling of human population reduction.

On October 3 2012, Pennsylvania State University provided a stage for Seager, president of “Population Connection”, an organization promoting the culling of the overall human population. Accepting an invitation by the Institute of Environmental Studies, Seager attempted to convince a hall filled with undergraduates of the need to bring down the population for “sustainability” purposes.

In an October 4 article titled “Lecturer Explores Population Control Issues“, the Daily Pennsylvanian reports Population Connection aims to inform no less than three million k-12 students throughout the United States “about this issue and to lobby Congress to garner support for international family planning.”

“About 98 to 99 percent of all the population growth is happening in generally very poor places that are very far away [from America],” Seager told the Daily Pennsylvanian. “And to bring this issue to your average American is a very hard challenge.”

The man who extended the invitation, Stanley Laskowski, explained why he attracted Seager to lecture:

“population growth is the root of all environmental problems and his insight into the issue at hand is invaluable.”

This is exactly the idea Seager is promulgating across the US. As a former EPA chief appointed by the Clinton administration in the mid 90s, Seager has found an eager audience in the establishment academic scene. During one of his recent lectures, held at the Nicholas School of the Environment, he stressed that man is the foremost enemy to the planet and the global population should be curbed towards what he calls “sustainable levels.”

Speaking of the UN’s population projection for the next decades- which will have the human population at 8 billion by 2050- Seager (from 35 minutes onward) stresses that this “(…) if we move to that low line on the UN projection- in my view the best possible outcome in terms of human population growth (through voluntary programs)- it would be the biggest single slice of the carbon pie. It would do more than thousand mile per gallon cars. It would do more than that.”

Seager states that technological solutions to Co2 emissions will not be sufficient to prevent global climatic Armageddon.

“Tim Dyson at the London School of Economics found that if we reduced our carbon footprint by one percent a year in the developed world over the next forty years, a hundred percent of that is wiped out by population growth.”

Therefore, Seager argues, the birthrate in the developing countries should be drastically reduced. This is the global consensus in the scientific community today. Whatever we do to diminish our “carbon footprint” in the developed world, only a thorough culling of the Third World population will make sure the earth has a chance of survival. In 2005 an MIT professor told students (from 10 minutes, 10 seconds onward):

“The real trick is, in terms of trying to level off at someplace lower than that 9 billion, is to get the birthrates in the developing countries to drop as fast as we can. And that will determine the level at which humans will level off on earth.”

Attempting to fence off the “critique” from both the left and the right questioning the right of these scientific elites to tell developing nation how many children to have, Seager states that, indeed, we have no right too so, he also states:

“That said, we have an opportunity to make options available…upon request. We do not go into any country until that country asks us to come in.”

Yeah. The mortally wounded deer will beg his attacker for death in the end. By the way, through many World Bank publications, such as the Reproductive Health Action Plan 2010-2015, published in April of 2010, we learn that the World Bank aims directly aims for the financial throat of a nation, saying in so many words that the financial lifeline will be discontinued if the Bank’s population policies are not being complied with double quick.

“The World Bank is uniquely positioned at the country level to take on advocacy for reproductive health, particularly in reaching Ministers of Finance. This will require utilizing the World Bank‟s economic analysis and technical resources to marshal arguments for investment in reproductive health. Bank’s country directors have key role to play in process of making RH a country priority through their policy dialogue with governments.”

The World Bank- as lender of last resort – has the dependent nations in a stranglehold. If nations do not comply with its directions, the Bank can cut the financial lifeline, no problem at all. A World Bank discussion-paper from 2007 titled Population Issues in the 21st century explains how this process works in more detail:

“The Bank has a potential comparative advantage to address these issues at the highest levels of country policy setting, not only with ministry of health counterparts, but also with officials from finance and planning. This is important given the increasing recognition that political economy is a critical factor in the implementation of population and reproductive health programs, particularly in high-fertility countries.”

Nothing voluntary about it, in other words. The decision is being made by UN technocrats and international bankers, and politicians in “high-fertility countries” are playing along to ensure their own survival. Now American undergraduates are being talked into this global “play or die” game as the UN agenda is moving forward.


7 responses to “American Undergraduates Recruited For Population Control Agenda As UN Raises The Stakes

  1. One, I’m now a Republican, at least for today, so I can vote in the Republican primary. Support lifestyles that are more environmentally-friendly. Global warming is caused by burning hydrocarbons and depleting forests, not by the sun.

  2. This of course reeks of Agenda 21, a UN program to take over the world withthe NWO fascist agenda. Please go to for full details on how they intend to take your freedom and your land rights away and to fully debase the US constitution.

  3. Yes SCM all you say is true and it is common knowledge outside the US that 9!! was a false flag attack perpetrated by the powers that be in the American Govt. However regardless of a general knowledge of this also in the US the people still trudge along chanting the old party lines, The elections are rigged and the people know it yet still go to the polls and this in the most prothlesized nation in the world. mob

  4. I cordially invite John Seager to set a very good example for the rest of the population and take a long walk off of a short pier.

  5. Screw the US !! Lets start there with Population control and thus raise the IQ of the rest of the peaceful world.

  6. What a relief to learn that no matter how profligate some of us are with our limousines and Lear jets, a far, far greater threat to the world we inhabit is created by the unwashed, undernourished masses with their unbridled urge to reproduce. Nature overcompensating for high mortality rates perhaps? Rather than trying to kill ‘em off faster than poverty is able to, maybe sharing the goodies around more equitably would also have the desired effect.
    Whenever a eugenicist’s words appear in print, as in this article, self-esteem radiates from the very page. It can be inferred from this that, as a user friendly contraceptive, self esteem can be very effective, particularly as it is so clearly associated with such a sincere concern for the welfare of Mother Earth and all those other creatures she nurtures.

  7. This is insane
    “Segar states that technological solutions to CO2 emissions will not be sufficient enough to prevent global Climatic Armageddon” Well he pretty much just contradicted himself with that phrase because “A Global Depopulation Plan for more sustainable life” is technology in the form of a mass plan involving algorithms and projections to “control” it. Good one pal.

    What should have been stated is that “We DO have plenty of technologies that can actually Reverse the massive CO2 effect that we have put into our atmosphere, and that “In Reality” our environment that we live in has the best filtration system known to man, and that it Actually will recycle and clean the air with the CO2 in it. We just want it to be easier to control you all, so we will just kill a few Million people that you don’t even see, so you shouldn’t care.”

    They say that the CO2 “Global Warming” event has been the reason for the Earth warming up and the caps melting and will ultimately result in a New Ice Age, odd thing because that was exactly what had to happen for the last ice age to occur, and they will always say indisputably that that was the reason, So either the cavemen had Flintstone cars that ran on CO2 emitting rotten dino bones along with all the volcanic acivity of the day, or what happens to be the case is that ALL planets go through those “Global Climatic Armageddon’s” every thousand or so years. Look at NASA’s data on the Warming up of the Planets in our Solar System.

    Im no scientist but the latter seems more logical and more plausible for the way history has as I have already said, repeated itself before, because as we all know that there has been more than one ice age on our planet.

    We have Technologies that they can’t even comprehend into reason because they produce a “Non Profitable Solution” to major problems, and that’s the ONLY reason those technologies that are immensely effective in improving our way of life will be suppressed.

    Its about that time in history when the People of Earth will recognize that we Cant rely on this “Monetary system” that we live in because we will reach the precipice of New Tech (that will excel us into a completely different reality of doing things) vs. The Monetary Profit. That’s the basic reason behind why we don’t have any openly available tech like completely electrical vehicles (mind you not trucks OR cars, yes this tech does exist) with no CO2 emissions period, FREE (big problem word for the Big Whig trillionares due to the Monetary Profits they reap off the costly oil) Energy Tech, I wont keep going because the potential tech and amazing outcomes of them are perpetual.

    If people would just link it all together then the “BIG PICTURE” could be easily seen, this isn’t about CO2 causing our planet to “heat up” it has a more sinister idea behind it. Im just dumbfounded how people could be so blind as to not do any Actual research themselves, because if everyone is trying to solve the same problem, think how easy it will be to reach a Real answer.
    I mean Killing people? Are you huffing whippets or got your face stuck in a Dooms Day Newspaper? Wake up and Think Smarter not Harder Ladies and Gentlemen

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