DoD Memory-Holed Its Own Press Release, Changing “Population Control” To “Population Security”

Jurriaan Maessen
October 27, 2012

In my article DoD: Population Control Part Of US “Stability Operations”, dated October 19 2012 I quote from a Department of Defense press release titled “DOD Augments Stability Operations With Partners, Private Sector”. The original press release is dated October 17 2012, stating that population control is one of the core missions of the DoD’s “stability operations.”

At the time I wrote the article the source, dated October 17 2012, clearly mentioned the words “population control” in the fifth paragraph. After it was brought to my attention on October 26 2012 that the source link mentioned “population security” instead of “population control” I of course immediately went and checked- and sure enough, the original article was still there except for the word “control”, which by now had been substituted with “security”.

Despite of the miraculous change I have found a reprint of the original press release on another website who posted this the day after the DoD issued their press release (October 18 2012). On this website the fifth article on the blog scroll clearly reprinted the original press release by the DoD on October 17 2012 (that is one day prior to my original article) The reprint on therefore escaped the attempt by the DoD at memory-holing their own press release. Here is a screenshot of the reprint: also kept the orginal text on October 19, 2012:

Even more disturbing than the obvious attempts by the Department of Defense people to memory-hole their own publications is the fact that some disgruntled individuals in the alternative media take the word of the DoD over those trying to retrieve information from the memory hole. Anyway, back to work.


2 responses to “DoD Memory-Holed Its Own Press Release, Changing “Population Control” To “Population Security”

  1. AnonymousResearcher


    Not sure if you knew this or not, but if you check the google or bing cached version of the DoD press release on, it shows the original text of “population control” and not “population security.” I have screenshots to prove it too. What I find more important, however, is that the context really did not change when they replaced “control” with “security.” If you have security of something, you effectively have control over that thing. Depends on the context in which they are using the word security.

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