Susanne “Copy-Paste” Posel’s Plagiarizing Ways Exposed

Jurriaan Maessen
November 26, 2012

Occupy Corporatism’s Susanne Posel Claims To Publish “100 % Original” Articles While Plagiarizing Writers Like It’s Going Out Of Style

Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, they say. Although it’s possible one could feel an element of flattery when confronted with literal copies of ones own work, it doesn’t take two seconds to remember that robbers are generally speaking not in the business of flattery.

Quite by accident I found out that entire segments of my articles have made a magical reappearance in later articles written by Occupy Corporatism’s Susanne Posel. At first I figured our articles probably smell similar because of the information-swamp we both wade through. But as I checked again I realized that Posel bluntly re-posts entire fragments of my articles a few days after the original appears, sometimes in quick copy-paste style, oftentimes with minor alterations, always omitting the name of the author she copies from. Chances are many more writers in the alternative media have been “poseled”- I’m sorry: inserted in Posel’s articles without even a meager mention.

An illustrative sample to start out with. Compare the first paragraph of my April 10 2012 article with Susanne Posel’s April 16 2012 article Right in my first paragraph I recount how three eco-maniacs call for worldwide population reduction, starting out as follows:

“The United Nations Environmental Programme (UNEP) has recently published a collection of “key messages” written by the usual suspects, including eugenicist Paul Ehrlich, climate dictator James Lovelock and NASA’s own terror-endorsing James Hansen.”

This was rewritten by Posel in her April 16 2012 article:

“The United Nations Environmental Programme (UNEP) has published a assortment of “key messages” titled “Environment and Development Challenges: The Imperative to Act” written by eugenicist Paul Ehrlich, climate change alarmist James Lovelock and NASA’s own James Hansen.”

In the second paragraph of the April 16 article, Posel writes:

“These spokesmen, under the support of the UN, wish to coerce the global populations into acquiescing to their vision of a global society. These three men have shown themselves to be terrorists who use the guise of environmentalism to ultimately put in place their one world government.”

Six days prior my original second paragraph reads:

“These eco-fascists clearly stop at nothing as they attempt to terrorize the world into accepting their envisioned “global society.” (…) All three have revealed themselves to be eugenicists who only seize upon a (in this case imagined) calamity in order to establish world government.”

See how it works. With the help of tiny grammatical adjustments an existing article is re-tailored to look like a Susanne Posel original- when in fact it is at best a bad replica.
For example, my third paragraph reads:

“Lovelock also arrogantly stated in 2010 that humans are too stupid to prevent climate change- therefore governments worldwide, preferably a one world government, must prevent it for them.”

While Posel writes a week later:

“Lovelock also stated in 2010 that average people are too stupid to stop man-made climate change themselves; and therefore need governments to help them stop themselves.”

Don’t get me wrong. I applaud and encourage the information to be spread far and wide, like a blanket over us mesmerized masses. In fact I consider it critical that my research is being disseminated. The information is not any writer’s to take credit for, of course, for it is after all public, and so it should be. The only precondition I do insist on, is that writers do their own thinking about the information uncovered. It would also be nice if they went about their copying endeavors a little less obvious so as not to insult reader’s intelligence.

Consider for example my article from April 4 2012. In the article I write about UN social engineers engaging very young children with sordid propaganda:

“One of the results of this systematic campaign, largely coordinated through UNESCO, is the general acceptance of abortion as a viable option when confronted with an unwanted pregnancy. In the not too distant past the very notion of terminating the unborn would have outraged most people. Now we even see those who call themselves conservative readily entertaining the notion.”

Posel, in her April 10 2012 article writes:

“The UN’s social engineers have begun a new indoctrination campaign. Through UNESCO comes the general societal acceptance of abortion as a viable form of birth control. Although traditionally terminating a pregnancy would have enraged our ancestors, today, we think nothing of murdering an unborn child because it suits a social meme that tells women this is a right of control over our own bodies.

Or this one, from Posel’s April 1 2012 article

“These scientists are suggesting the directives of the UN’s Agenda 21 plan for controlled mega-cities within mega-regions. All other land in America will be cut off from human habitation for the sake of environmentalism under the Wildlands Project. To be able to control the populace within the mega-cities, RFID chip technology will be utilized. As the scientists in the MSNBC article eluded, the rest of the landscape will be set aside for the global Elite only.”

And now from my March 25 2012 article

“The call for compact cities, filled to the brim with humans, is part of the UN’s depopulation agenda for sure. Within these proposed mega-cities humans will be allowed to use RFID technology so they can be kept in check. The rest of the world, the “countryside” as one of the scientists told MSNBC, is reserved for the elite.”

The definition of plagiarism is a “wrongful appropriation”, “close imitation”, or “purloining and publication” of another author’s “language, thoughts, ideas, or expressions”, and the representation of them as one’s own original work.” It would be lovely if Posel would just copy the information provided and add her own comments to it. The personal comments I embed within articles are limited by my own horizon and not impressive enough to be rewritten, not by a long shot. In the case of Susanne Posel it is clear we are dealing with clear cut copy-paste style journalism combined with a boundless disregard for professional dignity. In her April 10 2012 article she writes:

“In 2009 a draft report from the UN ‘International Guidelines on Sexuality Education’ describes desensitizing youth beginning at age 5 to the ideals of masturbation and supporting their education on abortion as part of their adult life. In the final report titled Conference Ready Version, those ideals were not removed, although they created a small controversy among readers.”

Copied almost literally from my April 4 article, reading:

“A 2009 draft report on ‘International Guidelines on Sexuality Education’ proposes desensitizing children as young as 5 to the concepts of masturbation and incrementally preparing them for the concept of aborting life. Although the report sparked a mild controversy in the beginning of September 2009, the final ‘Conference Ready Version’ of the abject report has not removed the proposals.”

In my article from April 4 2012 I conclude by saying:

“Here we have it: at a very early stage children are first being introduced to the idea that “some people are unable to care for a child”; in the next stage (9 to 12) the concept of abortion is being introduced as a means to resolve that issue. In the last stage (15 to18) the “Key Idea” is to explicitly advocate abortion. Whatever one’s position in regards to the subject, everyone should agree that it is nothing less than a crime to desensitize children to such ideas at such an early age.

Posel’s article from April 10 2012 concludes as follows:

“While small children are being taught that some people are not fit for caring for children; thereby making the idea of abortion the only decent thing to do, abortion is then transformed into a means to an end by ages of 9 – 12. By the ages of 15 – 18, these young adults have become advocates of abortion. Yet, regardless of anyone’s personal stance on abortion, it is inappropriate to desensitize children through these impressionable years to a specific agenda.”

Again: an almost literal reproduction. A simple reference to the source would have been most appreciated. In any case, my personal musings hardly need to be copied to convey the nastiness of the subject. When I wrote in my April 16 2012 article

“The “fair representation” Sachs is talking about is of course only a pretext to get everybody on board. As the “Danish Text”, drafted for the Copenhagen conference in late 2009, clearly illustrates, the IMF and World Bank will always have final say in the construction of any international system.”

I did not expect to find an almost identical regurgitation of the text on Occupy Corporatism (dated April 19 2012):

“Sachs closes this out by saying that the IMF and World Bank should have the final say over any constructive international system.”

Here the plagiarism steps on its own toes. Sachs did not in his 1991 manuscript say that the IMF and World Bank would have final say. In my article I point to the “Danish text” stated this was the case. This only goes to show one should never let haste get in the way of your rewriting. Apart from these almost literal reproductions, Posel also tends to outright copy the chronology of subjects in my articles. In at least 7 instances Susanne Posel uses the exact same chronology I used earlier. One would think that even plagiarists have some sort of professional dignity, like for example con artists are rumored to have when they enjoy a reproduction of some painting they just copied.

An extreme professional nosedive, from whatever angle you look at it. In my April 30 2012 article I cover some notes by a UNESCO advisor who calls for depopulation of the human populace.

“For those who think that the entire population reduction-mantra is somehow the end result of rigorous scientific thinking, the calculated, incremental and synchronized move toward a brave new world should inform them about its true origins. It is not a bottom-up thing, somehow evolving naturally from the grass roots; it is a top-down scientific dictatorship rather, posing as grass roots, but carefully crafted to brainwash as large an audience as it can through the use of mass media, schooling systems and other available instruments of propaganda. In 1974, the Director-General of UNESCO, Rene Maheu, stressed the importance of gathering all media, irrespective of its medium, under the great wing of UNESCO and the globalists. At a banquet of the International Coordinating Council of the Man and the Biosphere Programme in Williamsburg, USA, Maheu starts out by giving some insight in UNESCO’s long-term vision for mankind (page 2):
“The rationale behind the MAB (Man and the Biosphere) programme is to ensure that the physical, biological and other environmental requirements of man are placed in the hands of each of us (present) and remain under our overall control.”

On May 4 2012 Posel covers the same subject in her article, writing:

“UNESCO, in 1974, was integral in using clever mind-control and brainwashing techniques in all facets of societal controls; including mass media, public and private school programs to steer the public perception about depopulation. By the hand of the then Director General of UNESCO, Rene Maheu, popularized the scientific dictatorship with a speech at a dinner for the International Coordinating Council of Man and the Biosphere Programme in Williamsberg.

“The rationale behind the MAB (Man and the Biosphere) programme is to ensure that the physical, biological and other environmental requirements of man are placed in the hands of each of us (present) and remain under our overall control.”

Enough. I could go on listing examples for some time. But this entire affair has already taken as much time and energy as I’m willing to waste. I would however like to share one last thought with my shadow on the other side of the Atlantic.

Posel’s writings reveal a definite knack for repackaging existing material to a readable format. It is true that many researchers, including myself, tend to spread out a lot of information. A meal not easily digested by readers. For that reason there is certainly a great need for bringing these lengthy articles to an acceptable size, condensing them to their essence. Such labor is nothing to be snubbed at. I would advise Susanne Posel to profess her paraphrasing art openly, quit featuring banners which say “100 % original’” and other such silly claims of authorship and just put her excellent plagiarizing skills to use.


11 responses to “Susanne “Copy-Paste” Posel’s Plagiarizing Ways Exposed

  1. Even her slogan, the news behind the headlines, revised and was stolen from the Rev Manning at Atlah!

  2. Shes also working with hackers that concentrate hacking other hosts radio sites, to take them off air. then she boohoos she is the victim. whoa, maybe the slick inciter of infighting too? jones is a jerk, but the articles his writers do, are top notch. she copied every word, just changed a few. Spencer’s naive, she works with you to rob you! then moves on, to the next.

  3. Dear Mr. Maessen,
    There is an extensive research paper coming out about the Posel’s. You are not the only people she has done this to and there is so much more. Here is an example from the article concerning you:

    Jurriaan Maessen is a respected journalist who was unfortunately one of the journalist to post a report on after Susanne had been called out by Mr. Maessen for plagiarism.
    After clearly plagiarizing his work, this is what Susann Posel did to Maessen:

    On October 18, 2012 Susanne Posel took offense to the article posted by Jurriaan Maessen titled: DoD: Population Control Part Of US “Stability Operations” accusing Mr. Maessen and of fear-mongering by blowing a press release by the DoD out of proportion. Is that really what happened? Well no not really.
    In Episode #251 of The Pete Santilli Show, because of information provided to him by Susanne Posel, Santilli goes after Jurriaan Maessen, Alex Jones, and Kurt Nimmo regarding the article that Jurriaan Maessen posted on his website and that then was re-posted on Jurriaan Maessen took a direct quote from a DoD press release titled DOD Augments Stability Operations With Partners, Private Sector (
    The quote: “Stability operations, which are usually military operations in civilian environments, include many missions, among them peace operations, combating terrorism, counter-drug operations, population control and nation assistance.”
    If you read the press release now, you will see it says “population security.” Here’s where you have to go to pull up the cached version of the webpage on
    Do a google search for “DOD Augments Stability Operations With Partners” and it should be the top link. Hover over that link with your cursor. Up pops an “expansion” button to the right, looks like 2 arrows >>. Click it. Then click the “Cached” link. This will pull up the cached version of the webpage. Check the fifth paragraph. Notice that it says “population control?” Someone altered the DoD press release.

    Bottom line: Jurriaan Maessen did not misquote the DoD press release and Susanne Posel was wrong.

    Although numerous e-mails from Jurriaan Maesen supporters and other infowars personnel were sent showing Susanne exactly what happened Posel refused to tell the truth. Susanne Posel has never posted a retraction or apology for her attack against Jurriaan Maessen even though she knew very well that the original article wording had been changed “after” Maessen had published his article. Instead she recently reported once again on February 11, 2013, in yet another “hit” piece against, the following regurgitated claim:

    “Another instance of misinforming the public with the mis-quoting of words happened last year when a contributing writer to Infowars claimed that the Department of Defense (DoD) was using “population control [as] part of [a] US stability operation.”
The DoD release quoted as justification for the claim did not say “population control” but rather “population stabilization” and went on to explain how the DoD uses mercenary corporations such as DynCorp and Blackwater to “stabilize” the populations of nations after the use of a manufactured revolution to “keep the peace” until a US patsy would be installed.
Stability operations are defined as “military operations in civilian environments, include many missions, among them peace operations, combating terrorism, counter drug operations, population security and nation assistance.” However, they are also known as “crisis initiation” in that they are manufactured operations instilled in foreign nations to destabilize those current governments and replace them with a more US-friendly faction.”

    ~Susanne Posel Massive Media Fumble DHS
    216 million rounds purchase a lie. ~February 11, 2013

    Jurriaan Maessen however has a very credible case of plagiarism against Posel in the two compelling articles he wrote proving she has blatantly copied his material: Occupy Plagiarism and Susanne “Copy Paste” Posel’s Plagerizing Ways Exposed. It is clear, that Posel has used Maessen’s articles to build her own and then tried to smear his reputation for telling the truth about her.

  4. Thanks, I’ve just been looking for information about this subject for ages and yours is the greatest I’ve found out so far. But, what concerning the conclusion? Are you certain in regards to the source?

  5. You’re the 3rd Journalist I’ve heard openly complain about Posel the Plagiarizer. Just saying…

  6. victoryintruth

    My comment has not posted and I am not going to spend more time on another one.

    Thanks for bringing this to light.

  7. Interesting stuff. I am on and she’s been on there for some months now. I had not looked at all into her website but my compatriots on rtr have been commenting among themselves about her prolific postings, that she never comments on others’ posts nor otherwise participates. It sounds as though she has little integrity as far as theft of others’ materials go. I love collecting articles written by others about subjects that interest me but I try to remember to include the website from which I found it–for my own reference. It’s only fair and right to ascribe credit to those who did the research and produced the content. Thanks for bringing this to light–we need to demand truth and integrity among those who purport to offer the same.

  8. I have done my own investigations into Susanne’s work – I’ve been researching ‘alternative’ issues for many years, and when Susanne appeared from nowhere, churning out a huge amount of material everyday, I was intrigued. I then head her in an interview with James Corbett, claiming she homeschools her young children and never eats ready made food. That made me wonder even more about her, as she didn’t sound genuinely knowledgeable about anything, and I know how hard it is to write while bringing up children.
    She claims to craft her own material but I checked out several articles she’s written which claim to be 100% original and find they are rehashes of articles posted a few days previously, with a ‘twist’. Her syntax and choice of vocabulary are awkward (they don’t sound natural), making me wonder if she (or her and her partner) have some sort of software which can ‘rewrite’ articles….. a thesaurus of some kind?
    The website used to claim it was THE place to come for news… but actually it’s ALWAYS LATER than the original news…..
    I’m appalled.

  9. and i thought she was an honest writer but now i can she is a fake and passing others work of as her own with a little tweeks here and there .

  10. expose or psyops propaghanda?

  11. Jurriaan, why do the two of you not work together, you and Susanne Posel, in contributing toward a safer and peaceful world. Does it matter through whom this blessing comes …as long as it comes? In ‘my book’ you are blessed! Here: ‘Mat 5:9 “Blessed (fortunate (privileged), well off (wealthy, comfortable, prosperous)) are the peacemakers,’ for it …if you will believe it.
    Bless ya! spence

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