Baywatch Star: Rewire Human Biology For One-Child Families


Jurriaan Maessen
Januari 4, 2013

Baywatch “star” Alexandra Paul recently spoke at a TEDX conference, calling not only for a total rewiring of human biology “to recognize the benefits of a one-child family”, but also for the global human population to be brought down to two billion- a 75% reduction compared to current levels.

Paul, who starred in over 70 films and television shows, explicitely states that the entire modern-day culture should serve to convince people to “rewire biology” so that the natural urge to procreate will be changed into a rational, “eco-friendly” one, aspiring to just one child per family.

“Will it (world population) stop growing because of famine, disease, or war over resources- or will it stop growing because people choose to have smaller families- and by smaller families I mean one-child families.”

Although Paul stresses that “forcing people to have fewer children does not work”, she does emphasize that modern culture should be moulded in such a way as to convince people that we have to “change and rewire our biology and our culture to recognize the benefits of a one-child family.”

“As a culture we need to emphasize the benefits of having a one-child family so people will choose to have fewer kids.”, she stated.

The Baywatch-“star” explains why she has chosen to not have kids:

“(kids) might be wonderful, but they’re also wasteful.”

Quoting UN population projections, she advocates a fairly massive reduction in human numbers compared to current levels:

“The number of humans on earth needs to go down. And I believe it needs to go down to two billion.”, she said.

She closed her anti-human speech by calling on her listening audience to take her words to heart and quit reproducing after the first child:

“Let’s be part of the solution, and choose from now on to bring forth no more than one child ourselves.”


8 responses to “Baywatch Star: Rewire Human Biology For One-Child Families

  1. What an idiot!!! China has tried that and now is rethinking it because there is no growth. In the US, with 60-million babies aborted since roe v wade, there are no demand for farms to grow food, no demands for homes, no demands for autos which causes no demands for jobs, which means less income tax revenue generated, which means less money for infrastructure, Less money for social security/programs. Lesser funding for defense. Which means less being educated. A wholesale import of foreigners legal and non-legal to fill the void. A nation less secure, ripe for a tyrannical government takeover for a NWO…all the while this ZPG elitist espouses 1-child families. Just listening to her speak was wretching. Talk about shooting yourself in the face. So we are relegated to a species. So I suppose she is an athiest, maybe agnostic…so I guess if she was aborted it would not have mattered.

    Have you ever flown over the United States and looked down and saw all the land that is stll available for human beings?

  2. i have an idea, why, she can have her butt hole moved to the front?
    then she has no need for birth control either.

  3. Wow, she is one disturbed puppy. Honestly. I hadn’t watched the video before posting a comment and had to add this. You can just tell about some people, there’s this manic look on her face when she talks about reducing the global population. She means business. You can also tell how much she thinks of herself. She definitely has grandeur delusions, for example ”I don’t want to take your rights away” (your fundamental rights to reproduce, that is, as if she would ever have any say in what people decide; she seems to fancy that kind of power though). We should be very wary of those who think they know exactly what the world should look like and then embark on a recruitment mission. Hitler thought he had it all figured out and went ahead with it. That’s how confident they are, you can see it in their eyes, including hers.

    I also wonder what her (Hollywood funded) life style is like. I’d be very surprised if it revolved around consuming a minimum of resources.

  4. Her arrogance is just incredible. Not only does she admit ”entertainment” is actually designed to manipulate people and change their mentalities, but supports such manipulation at very high levels. Convincing the ”masses” to have fewer children is not the same as getting them to buy products or use certain services.

    There needs to be a limit to the influence these deluded individuals think they can have on us. Who does she think she is to try to interfere with such personal decisions? How is it that so many actors (people who clown around, strip and flaunt their privates on demand) think they are social reformers? They take their perceived status of leadership way too seriously.

  5. She can ^*&( off and move to China where they are lovers of human rights and a 1 child policy

  6. Talk about stepford wives? What drug is she on? Her eyes are wild and weird. Like her stupid idea’s. I’m sure she is paid well by the ruling elite for saying all that though, so its profitable for her. We are on the verge of a nuclear holocaust, the blood bath of abortion is in full swing, they are tampering with our genes and DNA…wait a few years and you might be hard pressed to even find a full blooded human being.

  7. David Hasselhof

    Stupid bitch.

    If she spent as much time stretching her brain in her heyday as she did her biceps, she might have a clue about where some of the real problems are coming from in this Orwellian shit-state.

    The only population issue we have is that we are being over-run with parasitic kleptomaniacs who care not a jot for the environment yet ride on the back of environmentalism like pirates rides on waves.

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