Eco-Zealots In Overdrive: Let’s Kill The Polar Bears


Jurriaan Maessen
February 8, 2013

According to the world’s leading polar bear scientists, Polar bear populations in the arctic may have to be subjected to “intentional population reduction” in order to ensure “a viable but smaller polar bear population.”

Already having to suffer its identity being abused by global warming alarmists as a symbol of manmade climate change, now the polar bear may have to fear being euthanized by overzealous conservationists.

A dozen academics, described by Yale’s environmental magazine as “the world’s leading polar bear scientists”, published an article in an environmental conservation paper in which they stress that the time is nigh to euthanize polar bear populations in Canada, Alaska, Greenland, Norway, and Russia.

“Controlled reduction of population size through harvest might be necessary to ensure both human safety and a viable but smaller polar bear population as a result of declining habitat.”, the authors state.

The way these “conservationists” intend to go about this, is the “humane” euthanizing of polar bears who are “unlikely to survive” due to global warming.

“Euthanasia may be the most humane option for individual bears in very poor condition that are unlikely to survive.”, the authors wrote. “Under these circumstances, it will be important to develop clear guidelines for identification of starving animals.”

One of the “leading polar bear scientists” who co-authored this bizarre proposal, Dr. Steven Amstrup, emphasizes that the purpose of their suggestions for “polar bear management” is “to remind the readers, and hopefully policy people, that the long-term future of polar bears is in jeopardy”. Amstrup:

“It makes managers and policy people aware of the various kinds of on-the-ground actions that may be applied and makes them begin to think of the varying levels of cost that may be involved in the different options they may choose.”

Another scientist who participated in writing the article, University of Alberta biologist Ian Stirling, stated in an e-mail to Yale’s “Environment 360” that the paper serves as “a starting point that clarifies the need to be developing some preliminary plans for dealing with such problems.”

As Yale’s Ed Srtruzik reports:

“The scientists realize that it will be difficult to sell these controversial management strategies to the public and to policy makers. One impetus for action will likely be an increasing threat to humans in the Arctic from hungry bears being forced off the ice and onto land.”

He quotes yet another co-author as stating “the sooner we consider the options, the sooner we’ll have a plan. The worst-case scenario is a catastrophically early sea ice break-up with hundreds of starving bears, followed by inappropriate management actions”.

As I pointed out earlier, the noble polar bear’s great image was co-opted by ecological zealots as their mascot, claiming polar bears could not swim. Its image was even denigrated by eco-marketeers to scare people into believing man is to blame for seasonal fluctuations in the ice-mass, as the following clip from 2009 shows:


9 responses to “Eco-Zealots In Overdrive: Let’s Kill The Polar Bears

  1. Not to mention the polar bear’s food supply greatly diminishing through the slaughter of hundreds of thousands of seals annually to reduce the seal populations so to help keep the diminishing fish populations in those areas stable. The fish are purposely being over fished at times in the first place. It would seem to be from the top down, to diminish all the rest and that is being done at each level in the food chain. What would have naturally grown more and more, has ceased to grow more, due to artificial or man made influences.

  2. Leave the goddamn polar bears alone, you stupid bastards. These idiots still haven’t done anything right and yet they think they’re knowledgeable enough to make these decisions. Round up all these crazy eco-scientists and feed ’em to the polar bears and we’ll all be better off.


  4. Edit out “polar bears” and replace with “human beings”. The polar bears are the dress rehearsal.

  5. What’s disturbing here is they claim polar bears an endangered species, then advocate killing more of them!?! Wouldn’t that put them closer to extinction? This is bloody ridiculous! Leave them alone, they’ll figure it out themselves!

    Seriously, stop interfering with nature! If they’re on the endangered species list, killing more of them is just plain asinine! Let nature sort if out, you might kill some that would have figured out how to get what they needed on their own!

    Besides, I’ve read articles that show the polar bears are fine, global warming isn’t really man-made (warming happening right now on other planets too, for instance), etc. I used to believe in man-made global warming until I saw evidence against it…it’s out there, look it up! They’re killing these bears out of fear. It is terrible, they are pushing them toward extinction out of fear of something which isn’t true!

  6. Reblogged this on skjaldmarr's valley.

  7. I should think that a free wild animal would rather take their chances in the wild rather than being relocated to a prison (zoo) no matter how good the food is or is not or being euthanized by some self righteous idiot who thinks it is “humane” to kill an animal in case it MIGHT die. Species go extinct all the time while new species appear and have done for millions of years yet the world has not come to an end because of it. Sometimes the threat of extinction even pushes a species into an adaptive survival mode that makes that species stronger in the long run. Ah but a certain element of mankind comes along and in its arrogance assumes that without its divine intervention all is lost and the planet is doomed and the end is nigh. Makes me wonder how life on earth managed to run so smoothly and so efficiently before the human race arrived to “save it.” It is a hilarious read though, really…….

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