Illinois State Rep Compares Gun Control To Population Control


Jurriaan Maessen
February 27, 2013

During a debate in the State Senate of Illinois yesterday, state representative Jim Sacia compared Chicago politicians’ efforts for even more gun control to the castration of individuals as a means of population control. In the heat of a Senate discussion on the matter of increased efforts by Chicago to further curb gun possession, Sacia stated:

“Last year there were more people killed with hammers than assault rifles. Here’s an analogy, folks. I ask you to think of this. You folks in Chicago want me to get castrated because your families are having too many kids …”

After being reprimanded for his remarks, Sacia continued:

“It was not out of order, I used it as an analogy, representative! I used it as a representative! It’s an analogy! If you’re having too many kids, you want me to get castrated! It was an analogy.”

According to political analyst Chuck Sweeny, after the session ended, Sacia explained he stands by his words:

” I used the analogy because Chicago hates guns, it’s like I should be castrated because their families are having too many children,” Sacia said, adding that a friend of his from Chicago protested the castration analogy.

“If this bill passes with all the amendments”, Sacia told Sweeny, “concealed carry will be legal but you won’t be able to carry your gun anywhere in Illinois. You can’t carry here, you can’t carry there. I can’t begin to rattle them all off. What we’re doing now is debating each one , one at a time”.
The amendment debated on Tuesday was one that “bans guns anywhere near a school.” In response Sacia rightly pointed out that banning guns near schools creates “killing fields for crazies”.

His fellow representatives may regard Sacia’s comments as out of order; in fact the analogy is spot on- more spot on perhaps than even Sacia himself realized. Both gun control and population control depend on an overcharged government, after all, disregarding personal choice and freedoms in favor of some common “good”. As with population control advocates hiding behind a plethora of pretexts to sell their dehumanizing goodies, the anti-Second Amendment crowd likes to make use of “events” to destroy a principle. Sacia therefore is far from out of order. On the contrary: his comments reflect a universal truth that needs to be told.


2 responses to “Illinois State Rep Compares Gun Control To Population Control

  1. For the lowdown on Feinstein and the key players/actors:

  2. What’s the problem with the “Common Good”? It’s hard to see much daylight between that and the “general welfare” of the U.S. Constitution. I can think of a lot of reasons that city gun control laws are pointless, but Sacia’s analogy simply doesn’t meet the test of common sense. When we deal with the genaral welfare, we make rules that apply to everyone, not just a few. Everyone’s freedom gets abridged in the process. We may not like it in one case (say, not having the right to carry in school zones) but completely approve of restrictions in another case, say, maintaining a standing army paid by our taxes. Governments have the responsibility first to determine what the general welfare is and then to do something to promote it. If our representatives fail to do that, then our remedies are to campaign against the perceived injustices and to ensure that the perpetrators of them are not re-elected. That’s why we have a republic.

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