The Judean People’s Front Versus The People’s Front Of Judea


Jurriaan Maessen
March 12, 2013

“Let’s have some fun”

Emperor Leopold to court composer Antonio Salieri before Mozart is introduced (From “Amadeus”)

I guess it must be some sort of strange and contradicting desire, to monitor the belches and farts of the alternative media’s digestive system. I have found that crossing over to light entertainment can sometimes have a healing effect- especially when one is used to coalmining stalwartly through the caverns of disinformation. Seriousness must inject itself with a dose of absurdity now and again, just to balance the mental budget, so to speak. Call it a refreshing distraction. I suspect that from the same escapist longing originates the general fascination for watching folks jump up and down and in each other’s hair over nothing in particular. Every once in a while it’s just plain fun to flash a lamp on the scurrying crustaceans shuffling around on the outer edges of the alternative media.

… or- to switch to another metaphor- picture yourself a flock of birds, shrinking and expanding under a blue sky. Suddenly there’s some confusion, after which the air fills up with hellish shrieks. The flock then explodes off in all directions, and in a sudden cosmic frenzy, the animals start attacking each other, feathers flying all over the place, peaces of flesh falling to the ground. Such a bizarre event may not occur in the natural world, it happens in the alternative media on a daily basis.
In an escalating cascade of events, a cluttering of disgruntled individuals has recently provided some comical relief in the otherwise wastelandish areas where we alternative journalists are used to venture through.

Here’s the “intrigue” in a nutshell: a radio talk show host named Pete Santilli was ejected from his host-station after repeated on-air meltdowns. In response to the network’s decision, Santilli decided to start his own media network- which, of course, is anyone’s prerogative. The tragedy unfolding as a result of this state of affairs is quite repelling. Santilli’s last shreds of sanity (already in meager supply) finally made room for a surreal sort of madness, reminiscent of the behavior of certain types of bacteria suddenly realizing their food stocks have vanished. The poor man huffed, puffed, blew the crazy-whistle and started buzzing obliviously on his rotating bar-stool. At the same time the moving parts around Santilli started to unhinge in their own right. Shortly after his flamboyant implosion, characters such as Susanne Posel and other Santilli-sattelites were drunkenly stumbling, spinning, getting-up, and falling-down-again. After sobering up, they began scheming and plotting, dead set on destroying their former patron. Little nibbling fishes seeking revenge after they have been shaken from the sharkskin. The subsequent farce unrolling before us defies the very definition of absurdity.

In the following hour-long exchange, sprinkled with vulgarities, “the amazing” radio host Vinny Eastwood and self-proclaimed “investigative journalist” Susanne Posel are falling over each other taking jabs at their former benefactor – and loving it all the way through. Obviously I don’t expect anyone to test their nerves watching this infighting-fest all the way through, but at some point they even cover “mushy” tidbits like Santilli’s alleged affair with a co-worker, a romantic cruise (Posel: “They were seen kissing and hugging each other”). She also didn’t deprive us of the rumor that the wedding ring was apparently still on his finger while pleasure cruising the Mediterranean with his mistress. Here goes:

The Saturday matinee comedy-reel continues on, this time with the announcement that a “real” guerilla media network will be set against Santilli’s “fake” one. After breaking away from the mother-church, self-professed “Leader Councilman” (Hail!) Vinny Eastwood lists the 20-some chief virtues to which affiliates should abide if they intend to join this “real” guerilla operation under a council of wise men and women (consisting of husband and wife Posel, the “amazing one”, as well as some poor drenched kitty-catty found miauwing at the door). Infighting being their common characteristic, envy their distinct trademark, these superintendants of superficiality attempt to plant their flag into some kind of moral high ground. In reality they are defecating on themselves, and on the alternative media.

Watching these deliberations I can’t help be reminded of the countless sects active in Roman-occupied Judea as depicted in Monty Python’s “Life of Brian”. In this hilarious film the Judean People’s Front will in no way associate itself with the People’s Front of Judea, The Suicide Squad absolutely despises the Popular Front, who sits sulking on a bench in a gladiatorial arena. In the following clip several factions clash while attempting to kidnap Pontius Pilate’s wife. At one point, Brian tries to stop the infighting by shouting they should instead fight their common enemy, to which everyone replies: “The Judean People’s Front”. “No, the Romans!”, Brian answers.

I know: if one is not careful, the distinct sewer-stench produced by the unwholesome mixture of venom and envy can overtake even the most serious of people. For anyone with an ounce of discernment however, reality eventually reestablishes itself- or so we trust. After all, there is a battle to be fought on the actual battlefield of information. As the Monty Python clip illustrates, the disgruntled and affronted feed on each other while the tyrant laughs in his fist.


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