Watford Mayor: Bilderberg Protesters “Can And Do Cause Violence And Disturbance”


Jurriaan Maessen
May 11, 2013

The mayor of Watford, Dorothy Thornhill, told the local newspaper today she fears violent protests at the upcoming Bilderberg conference. The mayor would be wise to consider signing up for a crash-course on how not to escalate an event before it even takes place.

“I have my concerns about it because it does attract people who can and do cause violence and disturbance.”, Thornhill told the Watford Observer. Although she added she is “confident the police will be able to minimise that”, she appears to suck up to the global elite by stating “it is very good the Grove has been deemed a prestigious enough venue.”

The Watford observer ran another article today, noting that close to a thousand protesters may be present around the cordoned-off area of the Grove Hotel and its immediate surroundings.

“Most of The Grove’s grounds will be closed to the public while the conference takes place and Hertfordshire Constabulary will be given the job of keeping the crowds out.”, the report reads.

The local newspaper insists on describing the expected demonstrators as “crowds” of conspiracy theorists, ready to run over the gates and storm the Grove Hotel. It doesn’t mention that the annual confab usually attracts peaceful but critical protesters. Talking about last year’s conference in the US, the reporter for the Watford observer implicitly expresses doubt that the protesters will abide by the law:

“In the main the crowds (at Bilderberg 2012) were kept confined to the lawns outside the hotel, and although the barriers were strictly enforced, there were no reported arrests. Whether Watford can expect the same crowds is yet to be seen.”

These passive-aggressive words by an uninformed local reporter, and the foolish statements made by mayor Thornhill, seem to echo some feeling of discomfort on the part of the local establishment at the prospect of their area filling up with critical people trying to make sure the media blackout on Bilderberg does not endure. This feeling of discomfort is understandable. But, like any vague disturbance of the mind, it would be wise for them to reach for the roots of their discomfort. It is not the protesters that should be their main concern. It is the fact that the world’s political, financial and military elite meet in absolute secrecy, including their own elected officials.


2 responses to “Watford Mayor: Bilderberg Protesters “Can And Do Cause Violence And Disturbance”

  1. Howie Brinton

    The only kind of protest I have ever seen really work was when ordered to keep silent at school by authoritarian prefects, in a single moment people started to hum quietly , as the authority reached an alleged hummer he would become impercetibly quiet, meanwhile the crowd continued humming louder overall. after fifteen minutes the prefects had lost all self control and the whole assembly was humming. You could easily spot the power hungry and inadequate prefects. No violence no malice and great mirth. Peaceful protest does work. Even though the whole school was punished the same treatment was meeted out then, keep laughing at the mighty because they are usually mighty foolish at the end of the day.

  2. Hasn’t it occurred to her that defending herself before asking govt (others) to do it?

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