Jurriaan Maessen Meets Alex Jones At Bilderberg 2013


Jurriaan Maessen
June 10, 2013

At Bilderberg 2013 Alex Jones spoke to ExplosiveReports writer Jurriaan Maessen about the conference at the nearby Grove Hotel. In the interview, Jones explains why Bilderberg is the most significant of globalist summits and why it remains important to expose it.


One response to “Jurriaan Maessen Meets Alex Jones At Bilderberg 2013

  1. The hydra of the global masters is a frightful picture, far beyond the “1984” Orwellian depiction. I’m sure, were George O. living today he would revise his tome to much darker shades. As in any multi-layered cabal, one must rise to supremacy, and that one is the Bilderberg coven. The outrageous attacks and support for the murder of Snowden is Socratic mob madness. His little release of the Police state we are ever sinking into, has had one good outcome: the amazon sales of “1984” top the list of best sellers. Those who read that prescient novel, discernment the global and national state through the insight gained by that book, will be much wiser, and hopefully form a protest of the citizenry that is the bane of the bastards!

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