Bilderberg 2013 Participant: Chatham House Rules Outweigh Rules Of Transparancy


Jurriaan Maessen
June 10, 2013

In an unprecedented move by a 2013 Bilderberg participant, the organization seems eager to dispell the so-called “conspiracy theories” surrounding the secretive group.

Former British diplomat Sherard Cowper-Coles, who participated in this year’s Bilderberg meeting, eagerly came out today in an attempt to dispell “conspiracy theories” about the annual event.

Sherard Cowper-Coles, who now serves as director at BAE, told the Watford Reporter that Bilderberg is really no big deal.

“I can honestly say, having been at the meeting, all the conspiracy theories are wrong”, Cowper-Coles said.

“It was just a private discussion of the kind that takes place at conference centres all around the world, all the time.”

No big deal then. Everybody can go to sleep. The only thing is: Bilderberg itself stresses the event is private in nature, inviting its guests in a private capacity while it’s only elected officials and top CEO’s participating. Apart from the obvious fact that these meetings can hardly be considered private, they are also admitted to be highly influencial- as former Bilderberg chair Ettiene Davignon and former NATO head Willy Claes have admitted on record.

Either Sherard Cowper-Coles is endearingly naive, or he acts on behalf of Bilderberg. In any case, this strange attempt at transparancy must surely backfire:

“I don’t know [why people protest the meetings]”, he continued. “I suppose one thing that distinguishes Bilderberg is it’s pretty high level. But I am slightly at a loss to understand exactly why it should be controversial.”

The former diplomat also revealed that Bilderberg partipants actually went out of the Grove Hotel to look at the protests:

“The protest wasn’t discussed during the meeting but everyone was aware of it and some parties actually went down to see the demonstrators and find out what was going on.”

In conclusion, Cowper-Coles referred to the Chatham House Rules, under which Bilderberg is being organized, meaning something along the lines of “what happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas”. Cowper-Coles:

“It is the rule of the group that all these senior people are able to exchange views in private, it is no different from many other conferences where proceedings are conducted under what is called the Chatham House Rule.”

“This means you can reveal, in broad terms, what was said but not by whom.”

This is of course in direct violation of the constitutions of all nations concerned operating more or less under the rule that elected officials should not deliberate in secret with other elected officials and businessmen. Or do the Chatham House Rules outweigh constitutional rules?

Sherard Cowper-Coles concluded his PR-bid by saying:

“It was two and a half very full days of discussion. We covered jobs and the global economic situation, growth, European politics, Africa, the Middle East, big data, medical research, nationalism, populism, online education, cyber warfare, America and the World, Syria.”


One response to “Bilderberg 2013 Participant: Chatham House Rules Outweigh Rules Of Transparancy

  1. And he said this with a straight face?? Take his statements, turn them on their heads, and one MIGHT come close to the truth! Pray tell, WHAT did they opined about all the issues one could think of to sounds “relevant?”
    Topics are just that…topics. all hat NO cattle. Bilderberg history can easily be found and comparing it to this drivel is the epitome of double speak. Kissinger, that leader of this “thoughtful” group, ought to enlighten anyone as to the chicanery to further the march to world-wide NWO goals. Humanitarian Kissinger (he got that hoary award recently) is such a humane soul that he referred to the vast majority (5 million) as
    “Useless eaters.” Charming. Those power mad oligarchs, who snickered,
    no doubt, at the assembled crowd, have hearts that might even evince a
    a wince, were Machiavelli here; he surely would have had a plate at the
    caviar and lobster, groaning table. What dreadful, trans humanistic plots, along with their middle class destruction projects, and, as I hear, an imminent banking catastrophe that well might make ’29 look doable by comparison, did these velvet robbed vultures posit for OUR future?

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