Interview: ExplosiveReports.Com On Modern-Day Eugenics


Jurriaan Maessen
June 27, 2013

On June 8, at the scene of the 2013 Bilderberg conference, I was interviewed by Neil Foster from Sovereign Independent UK. In the interview I cover some of the information featuring on my website ExplosiveReports.Com, most notably dealing with the modern crypto-eugenic movement.

For a complete list of articles by Jurriaan Maessen on this subject, click on “Eugenic Reports”


3 responses to “Interview: ExplosiveReports.Com On Modern-Day Eugenics

  1. Very good interview, both well informed, good men.
    It gives me hope, that ‘Ich bin nicht allein’.

  2. I think that the term eugenics is surely a complete misnomer in this context. Eugenics is about improving the genome of each race, never mind the bollocks about Malthusianism. Genocide is the aim of the Bilderbergers, and that is the correct and only term to be applied here. the Bilderbergers are principally seen to be Jewish and the aim of their ‘religion’ is quite literally the total annihilation of every other race except the Jewish race, and the Jewish themselves will of course be doing a lot of pruning amongst themselves, as they can be seen to have done already in the article ‘100,000 Radiations’ by Barry Chamish, and still do today, sterilizing black Jews, who they regard only as pretenders, with Depo provera.

    They know exactly what type of bodily vehicles they prefer to inhabit, with very select types of abilities, especially in very ruthless methods of banking, and ‘holy’ bloodlines going back thousands of years, as proven by Dr Karl Skorecki, who proved that Ashkenazim and Sephardim Cohanim shared the same characteric haplotype DNA in 86 out of 107 case studies, dating back 3,300 years (contradicting Elhaik’s insulting and fraudulent ‘research’ that claims to prove the opposite). I don’t believe Jews would ever accept Gentiles to join them, especially in such huge numbers as are claimed for the Ashkenazim.

    After all, if a huge bunch of Gentiles read their scriptures they would simply kill them if they had any sense, and actually, Jews are commanded to kill any Gentile who reads their scriptures.

    Besides, Jewish belief is that a Gentile can never ever become a Jew in all eternity, even if they adopt the name Jew by some means, as the black Ethiopians in Israel are finding out, as Gentile souls are held to be eternally and irredeemably demonic and not even living, so how on earth could Jews ever absorb their nemesis, the Gentiles, who they wish dead? Have the Jews become necrophiles. We should ask them.

    “Even the best of Gentiles should all be killed”. That is not racial improvement by breeding, that is genocide of entire races by mass murder. See my essay “Eugenics, And The Notion Of Good Jews” at ‘Mothman777’s Blog’.

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