Home of Investigative Writer Jurriaan Maessen


7 responses to “About

  1. Yes, please feel free to link through, repost etc.

  2. Please contact me on my blog. I’d like to request permission to turn your posts into videos.

  3. Pingback: RIO Death Summit 2012: A Window Into 21st Century Eugenics, Jurriaan Maessen @ Infowars.com « LA ROSA

  4. I would like to schedule you for an interview on The Power Hour w/ Joyce Riley to discuss the 26,000 Pastors for Martial Law. Please contact me via email at: indianapreppers@yahoo.com. Thank you! Erin

  5. Michael Cornell

    I was wondering if you could post some professional background for reference; schooling, prior employment…
    Where are you based?

  6. no problem. post away. feel free to reprint my articles anytime


  7. would you be interested in appearing on my radio program, The Voice of the Resistance to discuss the World Bank, U.N. situation?

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